20th September 2018

It’s been great to see the widespread and interesting media coverage and public comments over the last few weeks since we announced a new Bowler model is on its way.


The audio clip of the engine note released in the initial teaser image, certainly created a stir and we’re pleased to confirm Bowler’s new car will feature a V8, as guessed correctly by most from the distinctive roar. But which V8? Different reports have suggested it’s the Supercharged V8 from the Range Rover Sport, while others have claimed it’s the normally aspirated Land Rover V8, Ford Raptor V8 and even a Hellcat crate V8. The answer is, eager Bowler enthusiasts and customers will have to wait and see.


Our 2018 build slots sold within hours of the announcement and a limited release of 2019 build slots are already being reserved by eager V8 supercar and Bowler enthusiasts.


The V8 powered Bowler will be the second of the marque’s cars to be based on the company’s innovative and patented Cross Sector Platform (CSP). This revolutionary rolling chassis was developed over three years in a project backed by the UK Government, offering a multi-use platform which can be utilised for a range of vehicle applications including on road, off road, emergency response, defence and protection, filming, utility, land management, sport and recreation, humanitarian aid and more.


The race focused Bulldog was the first of Bowler’s next-generation models to be based on the CSP. Initially developed as a prototype and test vehicle for the CSP, the Bulldog’s impressive performance, style, stability and rigour, coupled with race winning credentials, has earned it international appeal and interest from both race and road car buyers worldwide.


Bowler’s new V8 ‘mega 4×4’ is a Bowler from the ground up and will carry design cues from current and past Bowler vehicles, as well as continue Bowler’s signature hand built to order craftsmanship from its Derbyshire based factory. Whilst designed with road manners in mind, this performance machine will also retain Bowler’s renowned off road capabilities.


Further details about this exciting new model will be released over the coming weeks, ahead of the official launch in October. Keep an eye on this website and our social media channels for further information and updates.

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