27th April 2018

There’s more to the latest Bowler model than meets the eye, as these ten facts and stats highlight…

  1. The Bulldog is the first of the next generation Bowler vehicles to be based on the company’s innovate and patented Cross Sector Platform (CSP) rolling chassis – and is available in both race and road versions
  2. The chassis was designed in-house from a blank sheet of paper. Our competition bred design ethos of light-weighting and high strength were core concepts and the modular construction means we can adapt and act quickly to create new variants to suit specific applications
  3. The chassis spent six months in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to deliver increased stiffness and weight reduction before laser cutting the first prototype part
  4. The chassis consists of a mixture of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) cut high grade sheet metal, tube and other precision engineered components
  5. The suspension system is state-of-the-art giving both on-road and off-road handling class-leading capability in the performance SUV market
  6. To improve the approach angle of the vehicle, a high performance cooling pack is fitted with a 30% reduction in size, whilst retaining cooling performance
  7. Each Bulldog takes 480 hours to craft, manufacture and build by hand
  8. The Bulldog is undergoing continuous development to feed into Bowler’s vehicle design and engineering, in a range of tough environments and conditions from the deserts of Morocco and UK hill rallies, to Spanish dirt tracks, beach races in Holland and mud lakes in Germany
  9. “A 15 minute drive in the Bulldog gives you a smile factor off the scale” – Liam Griffin, Vice Chairman of Addison Lee and Bowler Bulldog owner
  10. More exciting versions of the Bulldog are in the pipeline….. we’ll keep you posted

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